Another quick post before I get drowned again onto my pile of books. I'm on my preparation for my final exam. Again I beg an apologize to all of you because of my-poor-untouched-blog. Gahhh I feel so bad! but holiday is lie ahead and I barely can wait to take care of this blog agaiinn!

and guys please forget my bad for awhile and get yourself some fun by attending a cool event organized by a brand new cozy cafe in my town, CALAIS and Surabaya Vogue. For those who residence in Surabaya can attend this party and get yourself well-dressed because there's a free photobooth and free bubble tea! how great is that?! so don't hesitate to come tomorrow and bring your friends along! 


Long time no see

I wanna say a huge apology for not being on the blog for almost two months! ;'( university was crazy and i barely had time to write a post! 
but i promise i'll be back soon after all these assignments and exams done! 
finger crossed x

some stuffs that i wore last sunday. yep, it's a sneak peak from my next post :D


Wish and Hope

Time flies so fast, and faster when it comes to holiday. So cruel. 'S' already mid of February, which means my days at home watching running man and other korean reality show (which i love at the moment), hangout all day with friends, and having insomnia all nights are almost over, soon to be replaced by my sucks university week. This is not that I hate studying, but honestly I'm not that excited about my upcoming semester. Most classes that I want to take were FULL (reached maximum capacity of students), and there was no warranty whether new classes will be added or not. How frustating was that? T.T but this morning my  classmate texted me that there will be new classes added but the exact time was still not sure. Luckily while I was writing this post she called me that new classes have been added and I, without any hesitate, was rushing to get my classes asap via online! yayness! 2 classes to go! thank God and her for letting me  now! :D

Few days ago my friend and I did a little photoshoot. I took his, and he took my pictures. Here are the result..:) (forgive me for the poor editing!:'/)


Anouk De Heer by Mark Kean for Wonderland February/March 2012

My eyes were nearly popped out and my lips were hardly not to say "woah" when i saw these latest work of the genius Mark Kean, which is featured in the March edition of Wonderland Magazine. So please welcome Belle of The Ball. 


That day

hello all! Sorry for the very very late post, cus i've been busy with the final exam. :( the result has come up this week, and as what i've expected it turns out not really good at all. actually i was sick during the exam week, and i couldn't manage to study on several subjects. yeah, i shouldn't regret it. and i wanted to do better in the next semester.